Following the completion of the neighbouring Doñana apartment complex, the foundation stone for Don Paco was laid in 1963. The majority of the building was completed between 1963 (land register entry) and 1975. The owners‘ association was founded on 17 April 1973.

The Presidents of the Comunidad Propietarios Don Paco

1973-1974 Albert van Geenhuizen
1974-1976 Werner Klemenz
1976-1977 Carlos Viol Mencos
1977-1978 Manuel de Leon
1978-1983 Guliermo Morilla Labao
1983-1990 Werner Klemenz
1990-2000 Gottfried Schneeberger
2000-2003 Luis Antonio Curbello Gonzalez
2003-2005 Mario Notter
2005-2008 Luis Antonio Curbello Gonzalez
2008-2022 Enrique Quevedo Ramirez Báez
2022 Pedro M. González Aquiar
since 2022 Nis-Edwin List-Petersen